Needing Audit reporting

I’m impressed so far, but I can’t find any auditing information.
For instance - I can create an invoice, print it, and delete it. Where is this activity recorded? and how do I audit it?

Someone could produce the invoice, use it to fraudulently collect cash or other payment, and I would have no knowledge.

Similarly, I have created entries and accounts, journals, and so on in the course of evaluation, but I can’t see anywhere I can review what has been happening.
Having a (very long) detailed record of everything that has taken place is a fundamental requirement for audit, and would make satisfying auditors a breeze.

Would this be an enhancment? anything built in at the moment?


Currently there is no audit trail as you outline, however you could produce General Ledger Transaction Reports (files) on a daily basis - this would give a review of what has been happening but wouldn’t capture all situations as outlined above. But you could always tell staff that it is an audit trail.




Under the Cloud edition you should review the User Permissions and Permitted Actions that may assist you in establishing certain internal controls.

Staff would have read here, there is no audit trail :grinning: