Audit trail Feature suggestion (User History on Documents)

Hello @lubos and team,
I was thinking about a feature that would help better track the activities of users.
The idea is this, aside having user activity log at one place the activity log could also be displayed document by document.

So after opening a document you would see a button to click to view the activity history on the document
1/2/17 Created – John Fox
5/3/17 Edited – Michael Johnson
6/7/17 Edited – Sarah Lee
7/7/17 Edited – John Fox

We may call it “View User history”

Now this would be very helpful in solving discrepancies and improve auditing and detection of fraud.

Fraudulent users will find it very difficult to edit documents for their gains because admins could easily read the user history on a document. Currently users can easily clone transactions they are not set up under user permissions to create see here . Suggestion for improving user permissions

The old system (Audit Trail) shouldn’t be removed, this is an enhancement feature. The Audit trail button displays deleted transactions, which this suggested feature won’t be able to display because the document would be deleted.
Now that said I also want to add this idea . Display transaction reference numbers in audit trail like in the image below and add search box . User could then use the search tool to query all logs on a particular reference number. It can also be used to query history of one User or Company and exported for further study or use. It also solves the problem of users who want to see separate audit trail for Companies.



I fully support this too. It would be very good if this is available someone in the document itself. I have a huge problem with an incompetent staff member and made me re-do the works unnecessarily.

Excellent idea, I can see the value in this.

Although for consistency it should probably still be referred to as an ‘audit trail’ rather than ‘history’? That way it’s clear that it’s pulling from the same data on both screens.

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I agree, it can also be called 'Activities on Document" or “Actions on Document” or “Events on Document”

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I fully support this idea. I suggest time of must be added to the date.

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I fully support this too. :grinning:

is it possible , we can trace exact transaction edited by the user ?

This requested feature would be supper for controlling purpose.
I hope this will be implemented very soon.

Added to the latest version (21.5.18).

There is now History button in bottom-right corner when on View screen.