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Not available on the Desktop version- but as that’s single user …

Hi Joe91 thanks for your reply, this is a real problem for me as this is a legal requirement for Ireland and most of the EU if I’m not mistaken

The concept of the free desktop edition is that it is for one user on one machine. The presumption is that as the single user of that one machine, you are responsible for everything that happens: your own security, every transaction entered or edited, etc. Yes, there are various ways to extend its utility. But if you want more features, like an audit trail, you need to buy the server or cloud editions.

To my recollection, no Irish or European user (there are many) has ever complained about the lack of an audit trail in the desktop edition.

thanks for your reply, I understand that this function is available to some degree on the other versions,
but this leaves the desktop version as not a fully functioning accounts package, and for a single user the Accountant still requires an audit trail to prevent fraud, and it is a legal requirement.

Can you explain why an audit trail prevents fraud when a known, single user is already responsible for everything entered in the program?

Also, can you provide a link to an official source that establishes any legal requirement?

HI Tut and thank you for your reply, the audit trial is not for the users benefit it is for the auditors, so it is absolutely inconsequential what the user knows about the account there must be a clear record of all transactions edited or changed in any way by the user for the auditor to view.
Having a detailed audit trail can protect your business from liability during legal battles, help monitor data for security breaches, ensure proper protocols are followed and demonstrate compliance.

Payment Services Directive Article 59
Evidence on authentication and execution of payment transactions

  1. Member States shall require that, where a payment service user denies having authorised
    an executed payment transaction or claims that the payment transaction was not correctly
    executed, it is for his payment service provider to prove that the payment transaction was
    authenticated, accurately recorded, entered in the accounts and not affected by a technical
    breakdown or some other deficiency.
  2. Where a payment service user denies having authorised an executed payment
    transaction, the use of a payment instrument recorded by the payment service provider shall
    in itself not necessarily be sufficient to prove either that the payment transaction was
    authorised by the payer or that the payer acted fraudulently or failed with intent or gross
    negligence to fulfil one or more of his obligations under Article 56.
    An audit trail is a series of records of computer events about an operating system, an application, or user
    activities. Computer systems may have several audit trails each devoted to a particular type of activity.
    In conjunction with appropriate tools and procedures, audit trails can assist in detecting security
    violations, performance problems and application issues.

Manager is an accounting package - there is no scope in Manager for processing payments, so the need for authentication and execution lies with the software that does the payment processing

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An audit trail for the desktop would be necessary if passwords are required to use the application. In QuickBooks for example, the single user still requires a password. So if Mr A who was using the system is leaving the organization, a new user profile will be created for Mr B who is the next user. Now in audits, you can easily see who created what and who edited what.

I raised that issue here Audit trail Feature suggestion (User History on Documents)

Going forward I fully support the idea of introducing audit trail (password also) for desktop if it wont cost so much to get it added and if it wont put any price on the desktop version.

I also believe that the Server and Cloud version’s Audit trail must be improved especially after the introduction of the API thing Manager is soon to get.

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Audit Trial should keep track not only of the event but also of the original data and the new data.

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Hi Abeiku, I fully agree :+1:

hi Joe91,
I’m afraid revenue would very much disagree with you on this matter, they have made it very clear that if there is no trail for a transaction It in the accounting software there is no proof it is authentic, this is the main reason accounting software like Sage and Tas Books is chosen over Manager which in my humble opinion is a far superior program.

so keep up the good work

@Fintan, Payment Services Directive Article 59 addresses itself to third-party payment processors and disputes over whether the payments were processed correctly. Such matters have nothing to do with accounting within a business. For example, you might contract with a processor to issue paycheques to your employees. Every payroll cycle, you send them a file with information, but you allege that they did not pay Employee X the correct amount per your file. That has nothing to do with the accounting transactions you enter in Manager, as the processed payments do not pass through Manager, only a summary transfer payment. And the article clearly places the burden to prove authentication on the processor, not you.

Surely the onus is to show that the transactions recorded in the accounts can be authenticated against documents, electronic or otherwise, issued by/or to outside agencies eg suppliers, customers, employees and that transactions which are purely internal to the business eg depreciation, are recorded according to agreed principles and procedures. I am not sure that the Revenue want to be able to see you entered and/or changed the transactions unless you do not have a “paper” trail to validate the transaction.

Any sizeable business needs procedures in place to ensure that proper accounting records are kept and used.

Under Audit Trial, is this possible to add

  1. Reference No
  2. Export Features
    We need to store audit trial for audit purpose
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There has been talk on showing all entries in audit trail in the future. Currently only a limited number of transactions show.


I would like to know how many records did manager store for audit trial at the moment.

audit trail as far I know, are not very useful for external use, currently. it does not tell you much other than event of changes, creation and deletion by user for which category in modules.

No reference number nor amount to narrow down.

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I think the last 500 entries