Request: Attach documents in Bank Reconciliation

I do not see the option to attach the Bank Statement to the Bank Reconciliation. Is it possible this could be added?

Attachments are only possible for transaction forms, not reports. Reports do not exist in the database. When you “save” a report, you are only saving the parameters that define it. The report itself is generated from scratch each time you view it. So you would be trying to attach something to an ephemeral extraction.

But you could attach the statement document to the last transaction for the reporting period.

That is a good suggestion. I also came across the Guide for Folders and discovered that Foldes is the perfect place for documents like the Bank Statements and I can attach the Bank Reconciliation to the Bank Statement. Perfect solution for me.

What do you mean by this? A Bank Reconciliation Statement (the result of the reconciliation process) in Manager is not a transaction form, so it does not allow attachments. “Bank Reconciliation” and “Bank Statement” do not exist within the program. So it is not clear what you are referring to.

My original question was: how to attach the bank statement to the Bank Reconcilaiton Report. You explained that the Reconciliation is not a transaction and only exists when viewing. By printing the Reconciliation Report to PDF I am able to append the Reconciliation to the corresponding Bank Statement. Then the Bank Statement is added to a Folder for such documents. This method is very satisfactory. Now the annual Auditor will be able to see electronic documents rather than huge piles of paper. :smile: