Associating receipts with existing customers

Here are the list of columns when BATCH CREATING receipts. My question is if we can associate these receipts with existing customers. I BATCH CREATED customers and they each have a unique CODE. Perhaps CODE could be added somewhere when uploading receipts to associate with each unique customer? I only see a “Customer” field but I don’t think it is associating with the CODE data on the customers field when uploaded.

Date Reference PaidBy Customer Supplier Contact ReceivedIn Status BankClearDate Description Lines.Item Lines.Account Lines.AccountsReceivableCustomer Lines.AccountsReceivableSalesInvoice Lines.BillableExpenseCustomer Lines.BillableExpenseSalesInvoice Lines.AccountsPayableSupplier Lines.PurchaseInvoice Lines.WithholdingTaxPayableSupplier Lines.Employee Lines.CapitalAccount Lines.SubAccount Lines.SpecialAccount Lines.FixedAsset Lines.IntangibleAsset Lines.ExpenseClaimsPayer Lines.Investment Lines.Description Lines.CustomFields Lines.Qty Lines.UnitPrice Lines.AutoUnitPrice Lines.Amount Lines.CurrencyAmount Lines.TotalBeforeTax Lines.TaxCode Lines.TaxAmount Lines.Total Lines.Project Lines.Division InventoryLocation LineDescription QuantityColumn UnitPriceColumn AmountsAreTaxExclusive FixedTotal FixedTotalAmount BalancingAmount CustomTheme ReceiptCustomTheme AutomaticReference CustomTitle ReceiptCustomTitle

Yes. But customers are represented by UUIDs, not plain language names. To successfully use some batch operations, you will need to generate a table for your business associating UUIDs with customer names. The way to do that is to copy the output of a Batch Update operation with known customers, paste it into a spreadsheet, and enter the relevant customer names. The developer has written that eventually plain language customer names will be allowed. Currently they are not.

You mean UUIDs like this?

Yes. Those are hexadecimal strings generated by the program.