Arabic numbers & currency

I own a professional firm in Amman, Jordan which we provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services including Accounting and bookkeeping. We currently use a local accounting software and as per our clients demands we would like to go for cloud based or server based accounting software.

I downloaded the desktop version of Manager and I am astonished with such remarkable work you have done, really its a good software. As I went through it, i tried to change the number and currency format from english to arabic, with two issue to be faced:

  1. the number format is wrong for that it reads 1،234،567,899 which is not the right format. The thousand separator must be replaced with the decimal separator and the decimal must be a dot for the number to read 1,234,567.899.

  2. While trying to update the opening balances for the accounts while using arabic number format it only can accept the numbers with no decimals at all, it only accept the number rounded to the nearest Jordanian Dinar.

Again I would like to thank you for such wonderful effective software, waiting your reply to my above issues.

When it comes to number format and number of decimal places, Manager will read this data from the settings on your computer. I found that it is not very reliable and planning to implement different way where you will be able to set number of decimal places and number format manually.

For the time being, try similar country under Preferences tab, perhaps Egypt preferences would be pretty similar and perhaps not showing these issues.

Thank you Lubos for your reply

I will try editing the number and currency format on my Mac and see how it will go.