Application Does Not Open


I just returned home after 3 months of travelling and I wanted to import a business to Manager on my desktop PC that I had exported from my laptop. It told me the file format was incorrect. I assumed this was because the installation on my laptop was newer (I had installed Manager about 6 months ago on my PC and only about 2 or 3 months ago on my laptop). I am running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa on my PC and I removed manager using sudo apt-get remove manager-accounting and it removed the package. I then downloaded the newest .deb package from the site and installed it using the gdebi Package Installer. Now when I run manager-accounting command, nothing happens. Program does not initiate, and doing a “ps -ef |grep manager” shows me that nothing related to Manager Accounting runs in the background either. Has anyone else reported a similar problem after updating? The software used to work, and I had installed it exactly the same way the last time, with the gdebi Package Installer.

Any help would be appreciated, let me know if more information is required. Although I use Linux I am not a Linux expert so please let me know if I can help by giving more information.


Search the forum for SQLite. There have been several discussions. And yes, opening an imported file that came from a newer version with an older version is the reason for your trouble.

Issue solved. Thank you for the SQLite tip, it set me on the right path. It turns out though, that I needed to install mono-complete package and run Manager through mono. I did the following things:

  1. I followed the instructions in this thread for “Installing Prerequisite Software” : Manager wont start ubuntu 14.04
  2. I installed mono-complete package
  3. I ran the application using mono with command: sudo mono /opt/manager-accounting/ManagerDesktop.exe

I am now able to run the appcication, and I am indeed able to import the business as well which solves the original problem as well. Thanks for the help.

Three things

  1. You will need to keep both machines on the same version to avoid potential data conflicts.
  2. Generally there is no need to uninstall prior to downloading / updating
  3. If you maintain your data files on a cloud storage folder (like Dropbox) and change your Application Path under About Manager to suit, then you remove the need to backup / restore when moving between machines. Read the discussion here