AppImage fails to load "stack smashing detected"

Does anyone know how to officially report this as a bug somewhere, such that it can be fixed? I’d like to have this fixed, since I still have this issue.

This is still a problem. I hate staying so far back on GTK. How can we find more information to get this fixed? Are there logs I might be overlooking?

Actually gtk3 which is part of for example Ubuntu 20.04 TLS would be supported to at least 2025. If you Google a lot of people are complaining about the April 2022 release of the next TLS version, i.e. 22.04 TLS version and I would advise to wait at least a year until this version has become better.

Is there an older version of manager to run on manjaro 21.3.7 (upgraded from previous versions) or a linux distribution that runs manager-accounting without any issues? I have installed gtk3-0:24.30-60+ as usual, but this version of manager is crashing on opening a business (imported backup) or even a newly created business. I’ve never had any issues like this before, and don’t know how to get a log file to see what the issue is for this application. Also, my KDE version is 5.25.5.

Anyone has a suggestion?

Yes, Ubuntu 20.04 TLS

Ubuntu is not an option for me or my business. Why does this software only run on ‘old’ versions of linux? Should they not update the software to accommodate newer linux versions?

I disagree that Ubuntu 20.04 TLS is “old”. It is supported to 2025. Only in April this year they released a new version and lots of users have problems. Only when resolved it would matter.

If related to gtk3, I agree, gtk4 should be supported by now. However, you can run Manager as long as you also have gtk3 installed

I also noted that you use Manjaro and not Ubuntu or fedora as recommended for the server and desktop edition so your argument does not hold as both of those will function with Manager,

I am confused because this statement contradicts with:

I can assure you that if properly installed Ubuntu 20.04 TLS works out of the box with Manager as your first statement refers to.

Manager download clearly states Ubuntu and Fedora Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 23.53.44

Manjaro is more tailored to desktops but definitely not for servers. If anything one can ask why you are against Ubuntu as it is superior to Manjaro for both desktop and server versions.

And yet here on Fedora 37 it still crashes.

*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
/tmp/.mount_Manage7VhU2J/AppRun: line 4: 375313 Aborted (core dumped) ${HERE}/opt/manager/ManagerDesktop

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So I decided to try on Ubuntu (Kubuntu) 20.04 as that’s also supported.

AppImage’s motto is Linux apps that run anywhere

This doesn’t run anywhere as it needs extra libraries. These should be included in the AppImage so it does work anywhere.


The discussion and solution for this is at AppImage fails to load "stack smashing detected" - #15 by krystalsavage (downgrade to gtk3).

I’d like a solution instead of a workaround.


Me too but at the moment this will resolve the issue.

Hi there … i’m running Manjaro KDE 22.1.0 and resolved the issues with Manager crashing by installing the required gtk3-1_3.24.30+62 package as well as webkit2gtk. Without these two files, Manager just won’t run.

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An update to say that this issue has still not been resolved.

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I don’t think it ever will, the developers don’t seem to care too much about Linux. If it was open source it’d be fine, but alas it is not.

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