App version of Manager?

Hi, any possibility of having the App version of Manager? Clients request.

Manager is already usable from any device with internet access. Of course, you must be using the server or cloud editions. The display screens already adapt to small screens. What else are you asking for?

This is actually requests from Client. App seem to be more flexible and secured for them.

You did not answer my question.

I don’t think they have a mobile app in mind but you can access Manager Desktop through a web interface. You’ll need to do a port forward in your router if you want to access from the outside but it can work for a single user. Personally I always wanted an app too but the more I thought about it I don’t really need one for accounting software. I’d probably ask yourself what the end goal is for the people wanting to use a mobile app.

Privacy is their main concern. They feel their Consultant need not have access to their business info.

You still haven’t answered my question. If someone doesn’t want you seeing their data, they can control that by not defining you as a user. That doesn’t have anything to do with whether Manager is s a separate app.

Or are they piggybacking on your account? The solution for that is for them to create their own account.