API customer balance

hi, bean working with the API a bit, but is there a way to get the customer balance by the API?

This is undocumented feature but most pages support output in JSON format now.

So when you are looking at page with customer balances, simply add .json extension to path in URL.

For example


should become:


o wow Thanks, this is a great help!

Hi, Can I please know where I can find any documentation or some samples of using the Api to add new forms or modifications to the application?

There isn’t any documentation, because the entire concept is being rewritten.

It is a standard REST API for interacting with data, so you cannot make modifications to the application logic or interface using it.

Lubos, I am trying to use api to get TB balances but .json does not work on Summary and I cannot see how to use api to actually run a tb report? It just list them?
Kind Regards

What is a TB balance?

TB = Trial Balance - so Trial Balance balances

@richardw : what’s wrong with the TB under the Reports tab

I am trying to integrate my Business Forecasting Product via the api
You can see the tb report json files under /api/TrialBalance but I cannot see how to use json file to retrieve report?

Dear @lubos, can you please extend this function also to Custom Reports? I cannot get it to work.