Anomaly in Supplier Transaction View

I have entered transactions towards suppliers I’ve created and have two anomalies that have cropped up when I view those transactions. (Navigation: Suppliers → Transactions (by clicking the amounts)).

The first anomaly is the repeating opening balance. It seems to be repeating after every single transaction. Is this a norm, a setting, an error on my part or a genuine anomaly?

Secondly, the description doesn’t seem to be appearing uniformly for all transactions. I have 1 transaction where the description appears properly, and 4 transactions where the contact appears properly. For the rest, even though the description has been entered, it does not appear in the list.

Screenshot attached.

Appreciate any help on this.

What’s basically happening is that your opening balances date is set to 10/22/2014 therefore any purchase invoice entered before this date will show in general ledger on 10/22/2014. Also, every historical invoice has corresponding opening balance entry in case an invoice was partially paid. However I do agree that if invoice hasn’t been partially paid, then it’s pointless to show opening balance entry. Also it seems like descriptions are not showing for these “opening balance” purchase invoice. That’s something I will look into pretty soon.

If you are starting new business, then you don’t have to worry about any of this. Go to Settings tab, then Opening balances and uncheck Opening balances enabled.

If you are migrating existing business onto Manager, there will be new guides in a few days on opening balances which will explain how to properly migrate general ledger and subsidiary ledgers to Manager from another accounting system.

I am migrating the business therefore the opening balance in a necessity for us. I do understand your point on the purchase invoices prior to this date. I’ll check again for purchase invoices after this date and see if the same repeats.

Awaiting further guides (when released) and a fix to the descriptions not being displayed correctly.