An Idea Employer contributions

Would it be possible to not list all of these on the pay slip like a checkbox next to each one to show on payslip or not .
I want to list the totals except 1 of the employer contributions ,example
The employer contributes to KiwiSaver but also pays a tax on this called ESCT. I want to record it but dont want to show it on the payslip as it is really for the employer and I need it in the reports. I have managed to remove it in the theme I use for payslips but I can not seem to remove it from the totals

Oh and that number4 custom box is 2 custom fields added together(in my theme)
I have been trying to get the custom field “perHour” up to rate in my theme but I dont think thats possible

Please search the forum before posting new topics. Improvements to the payslip have already been promised within the past week.

Actually I did infact I have been searching all morning I just must not of used the right key words . I searched employer contributions, payslip totals, Payslip, so can you please give me the link to the post you are referring to

It was 9 days ago, and it comes up in a search for “payslips.”

UMM thats not what I am asking I am asking if the totals could possibly be individually controlled as I dont want 1 to show but the rest of the ytd totals I do.I use the YTD totals and they are great
I dont want 1 of the employer contributions to show on payslip

At the moment they are either on or off YTD%20on%20Payslip by checking or unchecking the period check box.

You can do this for individual payslips.

Yes thats what I mean they are ether on or off but I wanted to put an idea forward to make them individual maybe when we set them up in the pay items. so if I dont want one of the Payslip Contribution Items YTD to show I can uncheck it

Does it matter if costs of employment are showing?
I assume the amount is well defined so there wouldn’t be a dispute that it was paid nor the amount.

I suppose my point is having the supplied format suitable for most people and pushing most specific features to custom fields and themes is probably better.

As such knowing how to disable a total in a custom theme maybe more useful. Then you could add a custom field to use as a switch controlling display of specific fields for some users

I think you are correct and understand what I am trying to achieve if I could disable just the one YTD Total that was ESCT in the theme then that would be great and solve my question but I have been trying for the last 2 days to do it and dont seem to be able to
I already disabled it in the column as per screen shot it is supposed to be under Net pay then Employer contribution -Kiwisaver then (ESCT(This is now not showing))

Maybe not worth trying to hard as it may change and hopefully what you are trying to achieve may be easier then.

Yes @Patch you might be right. thanks for your input I really appreciate that you took time to listen and understand :smiley: