Amount in words doesn't match

The balance and amount in words doesn’t match when withholding tax is applied.

It is working fine without withholding tax.

OK, but what it should be? The Total amount in words refers to total amount on invoice. Not balance due.

I thought it should work the other way cause customer’s going to pay for the balance due not the total. In addition if there is any late payment fee or discount even then they would pay for the balance not just the total.

the amount in words is in most cases a legal requirement for the invoice and not for the convenience of the customer. this is to avoid fraudulent tampering with the numbers.

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I wouldn’t mind total amount due at all in the case manager wouldn’t show receipts or adjustments in the invoice after being partially or fully paid/adjusted.

Let me give an example.

If a $100 invoice is created with no adjustments (payment/tax/discount) it will show “one hundred only” as due and customer can get a copy of the invoice.

Once the customer partially pays $50 against the invoice then the invoice should say “fifty only” as due in words matching with the number.

Once the customer pays against the invoice in full the invoice would say “paid in full” instead of any due balance.

I propose above because customer might need the copy of the invoice at any point of time, maybe while it was being partially paid or after it’s been completely paid. I don’t find total amount in words useful and logical when the invoice is partially or completely paid.

In order to avoid tampering with the numbers due, the amount in words should represent the due amount not the total amount. The total amount in words thus should be replaced with amount due in words

the label says Total amount in words and not Total amount due in words.
Manager has this feature which is a legal requirement for invoices in most jurisdictions and is also an accepted accounting practice.
your explanation is just a personal choice which will need a personal solution which can be easily implemented by unchecking image and inserting a code in your custom theme which spells out the balance due.

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