Amount credited V amount paid


I have searched the forum for this particular point, but could find reference to this particular point.

I sometimes receive stock back from suppliers to which I add a credit note to the original invoice. When I issue a new invoice it is for the value of the replacement stock and the amount credited back to the customer from the credit note.This shows up on the Invoice as amount credited and amount due which is correct. When a payment is applied to this invoice, the paid invoice only shows amount credited as a total rather than amount credited and separately for the amount paid.

Could the Invoice template be changed to show amount credited only when a credit is applied to the invoice including amount paid when actual payments are made? This would reflect on all invoices also which currently shows amount credited when payments are made rather than amount paid.

This is not a big issue, but for me it would show at a glance on invoices what amounts were credited and what amounts were paid, rather than going to the credit notes tab and finding if a credit applied to that particular paid invoice…


Just thought here VTS … Is this not why we have statements to send to customers?


I agree with @compuit. A Customer Statement (under Reports tab) shows all activity in a customer’s account within a definable date range. Just select Transactions from the dropdown box.


Thanks guys… maybe I should get in the habit of also sending a monthly statement, which I have only done if requested. I found it easier to just glance at a particular invoice rather than search the customers history.