Viewing credit notes within customer details

Can a change be implemented that will show customer credit notes alongside customer invoices when clicking on the invoice number in the customer details?

As they are directly related to each other and one is a reversal of all or part of the other, it would be handy to have both shown.

Currently, if I go into invoices I can only see what has been invoiced out, not what has been credited back and unless I know that there has been a credit note issued, I don’t even know to go searching for it.

I believe this would be a change that most people would find beneficial.

Sorry, the wording of my initial question may be confusing.
When I said clicking on invoice number, I meant the number indicating the number of invoices issued, within the “Customers” tab (in the column labeled “invoices”, preceding the column labeled “Accounts Receivable”), not the actual invoice sequence number.

Click on the Accounts Receivable column instead.

That’s fine if you know a credit note has been raised in the past for the particular customer.
When going into the list of invoices for a particular customer, I would like to be able to see a list of transactions affecting stock, (i.e. invoices and credit notes) without all the payment transactions.

Many of my customers pay off their invoices over many small payments and therefore it isn’t clear when viewing it that way.

Easily done. After clicking the Accounts Receivable column for the customer, click the Transaction heading to sort by transaction type. Immediately click the Transaction heading again to reverse the sort order, and credit notes for that customer will be at the top.

Yeah, fair enough.
I still don’t think you get my point.
That still means I need to go searching to see if there has been credit notes raised in the past.
I was hoping that when viewing invoices, it would show any previous credit notes in date sequence with the invoices (like every other accounting/stock management software I have used in the past does) as credit notes are basically invoices with a negative value.

I guess the best option may be for me to stop using credit notes and do just that, raise invoices with negative values.

I would not recommend that. There are dependencies throughout the program that could cause you problems. And, even if none do now, they might in the future as the program evolves. The developer does not necessarily for misuse of features in his design.

How would it cause problems if it just returns an item to stock?
I really need to be able to easily see any Credit invoices along side tax invoices without having to go searching “just in case” they exist.

I can’t see any other way of doing it

As an example, some report might search sales invoices, and your negative invoices could distort whatever parameters it was meant to report.

Can you explain why?

  • Both are already reflected in the customer’s Accounts receivable balance.
  • They both appear on transaction-type customer statements.
  • Those of a specific customer can easily be found in the Credit Notes tab using the search or sort functions.
  • If you view a sales invoice with a credit note against it, the credit note shows in the mini-statement at the bottom.

My point is that you make it sound like finding out about the existence of a credit note is difficult. In fact, you are bombarded with sources of such information whenever looking at anything relevant. Screen space is precious, and the Customers tab can already include at least 10 columns of information (depending on what features you are using).

The developer needs to draw the line somewhere. If credit notes are added, why not sales orders, sales quotes, late payment fees, receipts, and so on?