Total Cost of a Production Order Column

Dear Sir, i want to suggest a new tab in the production oreder which should be visible in the Production order. Presently these are the colums of Production order if seen as whole. Is it possible to add cost/amount col as well so that one can see the total cost of a production order. Now if we want to see the cost of a production ordr we have click on view and the see.
The total cost should be visible for each production order her in follwoing pic

Costs of input inventory items are not part of the production order record. They are determined from current average cost for the production order date on the fly when the production order is viewed. You can see this by starting a Batch Update. Therefore, a cost column is not possible.

In fact, the cost of a production order can change after it is entered if the average cost of inventory items in the bill of materials changes during the day due to purchasing activity. It could even change later if purchase activity is entered after the fact. So you should not be relying on a tab listing for information like this.