Production and ship order

Is there any production and shipping order? We need to send orders to our printing service.
The order should include:

  • address to ship
  • items to produce and quantity.

You can enable Purchase Orders tab which is (I think) you are looking for.

Thank you.
Hmmm… not exact. I would like to change it to “Production and Ship Order” title, and as well, instead of price to be shown, just number of items:

asdads 1
qweqwe 2
zxczxc 4

Because this one seems to be exactly as invoice. But the production people do not need prices etc., just what, how and how many, to ship - where.

Any idea?

Right now, it’s not possible to remove “price” column or change the title (it will be possible when HTML customization on purchase orders is implemented)

But… why would you want to do that. Purchasing from supplier has standard workflow and having prices on purchase order helps to prevent misunderstandings. For example, your supplier might increase prices any time, how does your supplier know you are aware of new prices if you don’t show them on purchase order?

Not to mention, purchase orders with prices prevent some common mistakes when you might enter accidentally extra zero and order 10x more qty. It’s easier to spot error when you see the total value of an order.

I hold all prices. I charge customers, production charges me. I send invoice to the customer, the production sends invoices to me. It is only because the production is a completely different company.

The production doesn’t need to know the prices, just what they have to do.
I have seen this on numerous production shipments.
An option to change the title and exclude/include prices would be best.
Also, the total Qty is not present. It is of extreme importance for production. On the last stage of the cheking the production can compare the total Qty with production. It can be a very high number (like 50 or 100).
As said, the price is not important, just what-how many-where, with check of TotalQty.

In general, it is a fantastic software. Recommend to everyone!

Are you saying production company is your company therefore prices at ordering stage are not relevant?

I want to say that “Production Order” is a document for intern use, between two companies.
I am publisher, and I have a printer (production). The printer doesn’t need the information about the prices.

OK, currently it’s not possible to remove “amount” column or change the title in Purchase order document. But it is going to be possible later this month when support for custom HTML is extended over all documents, not just invoices.

For now, just make all prices “zero” so nothing is visible in “Amounts” column. In future, I will make it so if you don’t enter anything at all to “Amounts” column, “Amounts” column will be hidden altogether as it is now with “Qty” or “Discount” columns.

Thank you!

Please add “Total Qty” as well, would be great for the production.

Thank you for the support!


I have discovered tha there is MANUFACTURING ORDER which does the job pretty well.
Only that I cannot get displayed shipping address. Is it possible to include it somehow?