Ammending invoice heading to "TAX INVOICE"

Why do you think we use English? No we don’t, we translate them like everything else in Manager. Developers should have thought of this. When VAT is applied, theme should output different text or add “VAT” in the beginning.

So what the invoice should say in Lithuanian language?

“Sąskaitą faktūra”, VAT invoice should say “PVM sąskaita faktūra”. But I do not understand why you are asking this. Is it not language-dependent, text can be translated. What I am trying to say is that Manager lacks this functionality to make a difference between invoice and VAT invoice title.

Well, the issue is that some languages are used by multiple countries and invoice title should be different as per the country. For example, in most English speaking countries, the title is “Tax Invoice” when taxable supply is made but then you have some exceptions such as Pakistan where the title should be “Sales Tax Invoice”.

So it’s not as simple as having 2 variations of invoice title. For now, I’m hard-coding this into the program until better solution is found. That’s why I’m asking.

Is “Sales Tax Invoice” in Pakistani or in English? Can’t you translate it in Pakistani to say what it needs to say and leave English for England?

Invoices in Pakistan are typically in English as it’s their official language.

No, Manager has this functionality when the in-built tax code is selected but the invoice titles are hard coded, attached to the in-built tax code. The title is not a variable, translatable term as it must match / meet the legal requirements of each country.

VAT tax usage in different countries have different legally required invoices titles.
Country A - Tax Invoice
Country B - VAT Invoice
Country C - Sales Tax Invoice

Manager has a responsibility to ensure that the correct legal title for each country is used.
Not a users choice, therefore, it is very much language dependent.

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@andrius, the invoice title will show correctly in Lithuania in the latest version (18.1.87)

Hello @lubos, would be great if you could add the word “Tax” to the invoice heading for Singapore as well, as required by the local tax authority:
Thank you for your hard work!

@irfans, added to the latest version (18.4.25)

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Dear Team,

I want to change the title of invoice to TAX INVOICE. i am using default invoice theme provided by the software. Please help in this regard.


The latest version allows to change invoice title without custom theme. Just check Custom title checkbox when creating an invoice.