Alternate Unit

If can put the options alternate unit in Inventory items

If this is just additional information about an item, you could create a custom field to store the info

If you need to use it eg purchase something in units and sell in packs, you could use kits

It would help if you described why you want to use an alternate unit

Because some inventory item can be purchased in packets and can be sale in small quantity.

create separate inventory items and use production orders to convert one inventory to another.

or you can enter the purchase invoice directly in small quantities.

This is not a solution which I’m looking for.

Well, @9849059238, those are the only solutions available. Every inventory item must have a Unit. Manager counts the item in that unit. If you don’t indicate anything, the default will be Each. If you want, for example to buy in cases and sell as each, you need two different inventory items.