After update

after an update to latest version. import backup but unable to open.

here what i did…

  1. last version was 21.4.42.
  2. back up
  3. reimage server (ubuntu)
  4. install manager lastest version
  5. import back up

nothing appear as in the attached photo…

please help.

What error message do you get when you import the .manager backup file? Depending on the file size it can take a long time to import and open. Please also search for ‘blank page’ as you’re not the only one reporting this blank page ‘problem’.

BTW, this is a public forum so publishing the URL to the server is not very wise.

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Thanks for response.

no error message after import the backup. but nothing appear after click on the link.

How big is the backup file? See also the added text in my previous post.

around 8mb. I did read a post of same issues, seem i got the same issue.