After saving copy Billable Time back to Summary screen

When I copy a Billable Time sheet, change it and save it, I’m redirected to the Summary screen. I expect to go to the Billable Time overview screen to copy or enter another Billable Time sheet for another project. This is not consistent with creating a fresh Billable Time sheet. After saving a fresh one you return to the Billable Time overview screen.

I’ve noticed that this occurs on several places in the product when copying and saving objects (return to the summary screen instead of staying in the module).

It’s a usability thing, but can this be changed?

I assume that by copy you actually mean clone. (Billable time transactions do not include a Copy button.)

Actually, to be consistent with the rest of the program, after creating a new billable time entry, you should be taken to the View screen of that entry, not back to the Billable Time listing or the Summary. I suspect this behavior is left over from before billable time transactions could be viewed. Originally, there was only the Edit screen. I will put this into the bugs category.

Where else do you notice this?

Found another one. After changing the parameter in the Concept BTW Aangifte report and saving the settings I return to the Summary Screen instead of seeing the results of the changes. I think I’ve noticed the behavior also in the report module.

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.19)

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Thank you!