After importing bank statements how can I delete multiple transactions?

I have imported a few bank statements and want to delete a heap of transactions which have nothing to do with my business. Is there a way of doing this without going through one by one?

If the bank account you are importing is a business bank account, you should categorize the transactions that have nothing to do with your business as drawings under the Capital Accounts. By keeping all the imported bank transactions instead of deleting the non-business transactions, you will be able to reconcile your bank account balance to ensure no transactions are missed or entered incorrectly. If you have many personal drawings transactions they can be categorized quickly by using the Bulk Update feature.

I have imported 1 personal bank account as well as one personal credit card as i made many transactions using those bank accounts before i was told not to. There are however many personal transactions obviously within the personal and credit card accounts. I did try to remove the accounts to start again but it wouldn’t allow me to as i had already applied some transactions…catch 22! So i am manually removing personal transactions one by one to eliminate those amounts from being recorded on my manager program…does this make sense or am i being ridiculous?

Also thankyou for answering my next question which was which heading do personal drawings go under!!

I understand you cannot delete the whole bank account without manually deleting all transactions. In relation to personal drawings go to - Manager Cloud