Advanced payments to suppliers

I’m sure I’ve seen in the past something about supplier credits. But I couldn’t find the module today when I looked.

My use case is that I was required to pay rent in advance without an invoice (it’s a part of the leasing contract) and I would receive an invoice later in the month. It’s technically an invoice over a receipt as it will contain future payments but includes my advance payment.

  1. how/where would I create this advance payment?

  2. they have now already issued the first invoice, but it’s for a lesser amount than the advanced amount I have to pay (I’ve already paid the advance too). I tried overpaying the invoice but couldn’t find how what to do with the excess. Should the payment be made against this invoice or somehow the invoice deducted from the advance payment?

Until I see the next invoice I don’t know exactly how it’s being dispersed.

Have you read the following Releases notes and does that answer your questions

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Believe it or not I had JUST read it but didn’t make the correlation between customer and supplier. I’m on the train now.

I will check it out more at home.

What would be the “better” way to handle it?

  1. Make a payment on the system first then allocate on the incoming invoice or
  2. Over pay the invoice?

Thanks @Brucanna I am learning. I promise :slight_smile:

Always process transactions in the sequence that they actually occur.
So process the payment and that will show up as a Supplier Credit
Process the invoice and that will absorb the Supplier Credit but leave an going balance

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