Advance Payment to Supplier

How can we create Advance payment against a Supplier without selecting a Purchase Invoice?
e.g My Purchase invoice is of $100 and I paid $120 ($20 for next order). How can I manage it ?

The latest version (14.2.15) now includes support for advance payments from customers & to suppliers.

Let’s say you pay supplier $120 (which includes $20 overpayment). This is how you categorize payment to supplier:

Account                                                Amount
Accounts payable          | Purchase Invoice #123 |   $100.00
Supplier advance payments | ABC Supplier          |    $20.00

This will apply $100 to purchase invoice and capture $20 as advance payment to supplier which can be in future used to offset with another purchase invoice or simply received as a refund.

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@lubos Sir,

I have paid to supplier in advance. Now my Summary shows in account payable in minus figure (-3200).
Is it possible to transfer the amount to asset account as supplier advance automatically? When the account payable is in minus (-) figure then manager will automatically transfer the amount to an asset account as supplier advance.

English is not my language. If I did any mistake, please forgive me.

Md. Nahid

Are you asking to move the negative values from liabilities to assets automatically?

I think that it would be very useful but I think that the idea was rejected.

By the way to be complete @lubos should do the same for advance incomes, ie move negative assets to liabilities automatically.

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Exactly. It will be more helpful for all users.

This feature was deliberately removed several years ago. To handle automatic allocations, read the Guides on the topic.

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Sir, can you give me the link?

Search the Guide index.

dear @Tut

just to know, do you remember why it was removed? Under a legal point of view it was more correct.

To streamline entry procedures and not have automatically appearing and disappearing Customer and Supplier Credits accounts. Accountants are split on which approach is preferable.

Maybe, being only a different classification, it can be reinserted into Manager with an option to activate/deactivate this setting in the “Balance Sheet” report. Can this be a valid idea?

I don’t think so, as it was a deliberate choice by the developer.

Also the setting of the default theme was discarded but it was reactivated in a different way…

But that was done as a planned alternative approach, not a purposeful change in the program. The default accounts, Customer credits and Supplier credits no longer exist. The default theme always existed.

I should have mentioned this before. You can essentially restore the prior manner of functioning using special accounts. Follow this Guide: Manager Cloud.