Supplier Prepayment issue

Sorry, I’ve read the posts. My supplier charge my credit card and then discovered that the items I’d ordered weren’t currently available. Rather than crediting back my charge card, they have kept the money towards future orders.
I recorded a Payment in ‘receipts and payments’ with the Payee being the supplier. I keep reading about the ‘Supplier Credit’ thing but have never seen anything like that as an option anywhere. I’m assuming those posts are from an older version of the software which no longer has that feature.
I then put in the first of the smaller invoices from the supplier via Purchase Invoices as I would usually do.
When I look at the Suppliers account, They do not automatically balance against each other out at all - I still see the full payment and see the invoice as being owed.
Do I need to just somehow use one against the other via my Cash On Hand (which would be used as a clearing account) or is this an issue with the new software (I’m using 12.6.43 Desktop) ?


You need to record the payment by selecting the Suppliers account in Account Payables in the line

bank of Ireland is the name of the account from which you made the payment
Trade Creditors is Accounts Payable or whatever you have called the Accounts Payable account
Boad Gais is the name of your supplier
and obviously 100 is whatever amount you paid

The Supplier credits account was combined with Accounts payable years ago. Likewise for Customer credits.

This subject is covered by this Guide: Record supplier deposits and advances | Manager. The amount your supplier has kept is an advance.

Other ways to handle this also exist, depending on whether the supplier is eventually going to furnish the goods, whether you’re using goods receipts, etc.

But why are you allowing the supplier to charge your card if they truly cannot deliver? If you didn’t agree to this, it’s theft. Protest with the card issuer; you’ll get a refund while it’s being investigated.

Thanks Joe 91 - using the Accounts Payable account was what I was missing.

Tut - I’m not at all happy about the situation but part of the problem is inventory from several manufacturers in Asia is being held up in shipping for one reason or another (we’re dealing with particular types of cameras in this case). Originally the manufacturers said they had product and then suddenly they didn’t. The distributor got caught in the middle. They are giving me some free stuff to make up for the issue but I’m seriously looking at finding a different distributor to work with.