Adjusting Expense Claim payee field for batch


Can you please change how Expense Claim Form for payee field placement. instead of placing it under payer (expense claim payer). can adjust so it will be place in (line) column field beside Description?

I don’t think a sane accountant or treasury would want to key one by one of forms for the same payee at different dates within the same month. as the usual format is the expense claim form contains multiple payee line by line.

Expense Claim are usually in small sum with large volume. Thus, is more on summary of how much and how many the expense claim payer had paid to different payee. and we usually attach evidence (receipts) together with expense claim. I don’t see any good case scenario of 1 expense claim form for 1 payee.


just add 1 more custom field for expense claim - Line

In your situation, you could simply enter “Various” in the Payee field, or leave it blank. Or enter the payee in the line item Description field. That would still allow you to search for expense claim line items with a particular payee.

Manager actually does not use the contents of the Payee field, because from the business’s perspective, the transaction is with the Payer.

Well yes I’m doing just as you describe @Tut . What I’m highlighting here is the design where payee is redundant and not useful.

I suggest the payee to be place by line items beside description at the very least it become informative as document, while at the same you don’t mix payee with description for future use in custom report.

One more thing, what could go wrong to hook up payee field with ‘contact’ field value? So we can have autosuggest name on the go?

Still hoping the receipt and payment contact to be hook as ‘account’ instead just a name. So the similar name can be eliminate and Able to accounted the transaction happen with cash.