Additonal Sales Invoice Item not reflecting amount when completed

I am trying to add in an additional line on my invoice, and it does give me the options - i click on sale, put in the qty (1) and value amount, but when i go to update and it presents the preview - it will either say both items are at Zero balance, or only the first line pulls through the value of that first line, and the second (additional) item is set at zero??
I have created both items as Sales items?? Please help!

Your information is not adequate to tell what is happening. Please be more explicit and answer these questions:

  1. When you say you click on “sale,” what do you mean? Do you mean you are in the Sales Invoices tab and are clicking on New Sales Invoice? If not, what are you doing.

  2. If you have already created sales invoice items, why are you entering value amount? When you created the sales invoice items, you should have entered their selling price. If you haven’t done that, go back and edit the sales invoice items (under Settings).

  3. What do you mean when you say “it will either say both items are at Zero balance, or only the first line pulls through the value of that first line, and the second (additional) item is set at zero??”

  4. Can you post a screen shot of an invoice that is giving problems?

Thank you so much for helping me. I apologize for not being clear.

  1. Click on Sale - when creating a sales invoice - I add the date of the invoice, the customer, the Item, and then the account I put as “Sale” then choose qty and the price.
  2. I have to add in the price value, as the fee is time dependent, and not a fixed fee.
  3. As per my screen shot - the first reflecting the two lines of transaction and the amounts charged, then on the second shot - all I have done is clicked “create” to complete the invoice, and it does not pull through the amount for the second line, it has just pulled through as a zero fee price.

I think @lubos will have to look at this problem. Normally, a sales invoice item should have a price assigned to it, and I though your trouble might come from the fact that you were filling in the price manually. But I created some test cases where I left price on a sales invoice item blank and filled it in on the sales invoice entry screen, just as you described. Everything worked correctly. So I cannot reproduce the problem you are showing.

While not connected to the problem you are having, you might want to consider using the Billable Time module. This lets you account for time by hours and minutes, set a rate, and then pull up all time billed to a customer that has not yet been invoiced when you make out a sales invoice. This seems perfect for clients you see regularly and bill periodically.

Goodness, thank you so much for your help.
I have tried deleting the program and install files, and re-downloading it, but it still has the same problem.
I appreciate your help, and will await any feedback.
I tried to enter the prices for some of the fixed fee sale items, and this also does not seem to retain the values after “completing” the information. It would just revert to zero?

With regards the Billable Time - I will certainly have a look at the option, I had not investigated this.
Thank you very much, once again.
Kind regards

At the risk of suggesting the obvious, are you certain you are clicking on Update after changing information?

lol, unfortunately yes!