Additional numbers to show in tab listings

@lubos, I have request long time ago, Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice Number to be shown as a column in the Good Receipts tab and also Purchase Order as a column in the Purchase Invoices tab.
Can you please do this @lubos?

@pandhm, your post was moved to a new topic. It was not related to purchase invoice numbers on goods receipts, which was the subject of the thread where you posted it.

Purchase order numbers have been included in the Goods Receipt tab listing for more than 5 years, in response to a request you made back then: Goods receipts.

Purchase order numbers are also included in the Purchase Invoices tab listing.

Perhaps you need to update your software?

@Tut this is true, but after the latest update, these columns disappeared.
as below


I don’t know what to say. These screen shots come from a test business in v22.7.5.168:

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 3.25.04 PM

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 3.25.44 PM

Are you sure the purchase order is referenced on the Edit screens for the goods receipt and purchase invoice?

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@Tut I can’t see invoice number in the good receipt, can you?
Try the same in a new data file, It will be as I say.
The pics you show is from an already existing data file, that is why you can see Order number.
If the data file is new, you can’t.

This is not what you complained about. You complained they were not showing in the tab listings.

My previous example was with newly created transactions, although they were in an existing test business. Here are the results of a completely separate test. I followed these steps, in this order:

  1. Created a brand new business.
  2. Enabled the Suppliers, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, and Goods Receipts tabs.
  3. Created one supplier.
  4. Created purchase order #12345.
  5. Copied the purchase order to purchase invoice #1.
  6. Copied the purchase invoice to goods receipt #1.

The relevant tab listings show:

And, just in case your complaint is really about the goods receipt itself, and not the tab listings:

@Tut (not related to topic but visual)
There is an odd character in your last image (Goods Receipt) between the Order Number and Date.

Yes. I just filed a bug report about that unrecognized character. Others have seen it, too.

You’re too fast for me!

@Tut this is excactly what I say, you show me tabs were Purchase invoice are not shown!!!

Then how you explain this?

@pandhm, your original post did not mention purchase invoice numbers showing in the Goods Receipts tab. You edited that post after I responded to it to include purchase invoice numbers.

I am sorry, but we cannot have a discussion if you are going to argue about things you have not mentioned before. You caused me to waste considerable time creating a new test business and examples.

I cannot, because you have never shown Edit screens for any of your transactions. And I do not have access to your data. I only know I cannot duplicate the problem you said you had. And I am not going to waste any time trying to duplicate the new one you introduced later.

Here it is the first one:

By the way I didn’t ask from you to reproduce something. The post was begging with “@lubos

I found what is going wrong @lubos, here it is:

I create a purchase order:

then I copy it to New Purchase invoice:

everything looks good

and I can see Purchase Order number in the Pursace Invoice tab


if I edit the purchase invoice, and delete the purchase order from the drop down menu, then a hidden field come up, containing the purchase order number, which should not be there

I delete content of the field, the field disappeared

and I choose again from the drop down menu the purchase order again

Now I have lost from the Purchase Inoice tab, the purchase order column

and also from the Purchase Invoice View, also the Purchase Order

As you can see @Tut, I am not the crasy here.

@lubos please correct this bug since causes big troubles to my data

@pandhm thanks. I can reproduce the issue and working on a fix.

@lubos, and if i copy this purchase invoice to a good receipt, then i got this

and this in Good Receipt Tab

Also please add Purchase invoice number to Good Receipt tab as a column

A post was split to a new topic: Additional columns for sales-related transactions

I did not suggest you were crazy. I told you I could not reproduce your problem and showed you the result of my own two tests. Now it turns out the problem was caused by doing something you did not disclose. Incomplete information leads to unsatisfactory resolution.