Format of discounts

Screenshot 1

Hello I think if the Discount was give a roll like the the picture above it might look more better so the we display the value of the goods before the discount first then the discount and the net. instead of having the discount and the transaction in one line without showing the gross amount as the case with version 22.6.12 for the desktop version

That is not possible, because individual line items could be eligible for different discount percentages or amounts. Some could have discounts applied while others receive no discount. And the ability must be preserved to independently return or adjust individual line items.

Ok i get the point what if you sale 2 or more items and the discount is rather granted on the global amount then on each item. How can we treat this?

As mentioned that is not possible for reasons given.

@NCHIA1, that is just a different way of asking the same question. So the answer is the same.

However, if you want to show a single discount on the invoice, you can. Read this Guide: Enter a discount as a separate line item | Manager.