Adding Puchase and Sales Invoice No in SOA Description

in the current time, Receipt and Payment Voucher No is automatic generated in SOA description. the suggestion is to add the sales invoice no for customer and purchase invoice no for Supplier next to the Receipt and Payment Ref No.

this will help for reconciliation purpose and reduce the work load from typing invoice no and to know it is matched with which invoice without going back to sales or purchase tab

Your suggestion would not make sense, @abdulbari. A receipt or payment might be associated with many invoices or none at all. For example, a customer might buy daily from you, but pay monthly to cover 30 sales invoices. A receipt might also represent an advance deposit made when an order is submitted and not be connected yet with any invoice.

The point is, the transactions are separate, and their reference numbers provide traceability from the statement to the source transaction, not to some other transaction.