Added information for customer and supplier statements

yes it is true I found it but the same information will not show in SOA for Supplier and Customer. therefore, it will be very helpful if the same information in the invoice or purchase tab will be available in the SOA for Supplier and Customer specially the added customs filed.

thanks for your support

please accept me apologies

supplier soacustomer soa

You have once again diverted a topic with an unrelated question. Your suggestion for statements had nothing to do with display of information on invoice listings. Please stop doing this. It makes it difficult for forum members to read topics of interest and possibly help you. I have, again, moved your unrelated question to a new topic.

The screen shots you show are transaction-type statements. Purchase and sales orders are not transactions and have no impact on the balance. Further, a supplier statement is an internal document, so there is generally no reason to send one to a supplier. A sales order is also internal, and there is no reason a customer needs to know the number. Likewise, goods receipts and delivery notes, which you mentioned in your other post, are of no use to the customer or supplier.

If there is something else you think the customer needs to see on a statement, put it into the top level description on the sales invoice and it will show.

thank for your clarification.

sorry for that I don’t mean it but the last subject has something related to the attachment, so I continued in the same topic