Adding inventory items on the fly

It would be nice if there was a way to enter inventory items ‘on the fly’?
e.g. If I’m entering a purchase invoice and ½ way through there is an item that isn’t in the system, I would like to be able to enter it from that point rather than have to save the invoice, go to another area to enter the new item and then return and edit the invoice.

possible only in the server and cloud editions at present where you can open a separate tab and get it done.


Can this be added to the desktop version in the future?

I think not as the desktop edition has only a single screen / user functionality.
You can always upgrade to the cloud edition if its an essential requirement.

I never said it was an essential requirement, I said “It would be nice if there was a way”.
I was advised by Lubos that I could post “Feature requests” on the forum and that is what I did.

Whilst I’m not even close to being a programmer, I have used other accounting software that has had this feature, which I found very handy and is therefore why I asked.

It looks like I may have misunderstood what the forum is for, please remove my post if it’s not suited to the forum and I will refrain from requesting features unless they are “Essential”.

Firstly I said - “if” its an essential requirement.

Yes, the forum is the place to post “Feature Request” amongst other things.
However, if you search the forum you will notice that your request for adding items on the fly (which includes besides Inventory Items, Customers, Suppliers etc) has been made a multiple number of times over the years with reference to the desktop edition and it has always been responded with - it will only be available in the cloud & server editions.

If you really really want this feature then you can run Manager as a local server in a browser. In your Manager installation folder you will find a file ManagerServer.exe

Run it and in your browser enter


I was doing what I was advised to do by Lubos after sending him an email about this very topic.

I take it you are the owner of the company or at least hold a very senior position based on the way you seem to believe that you are an expert and others know nothing.

I thought the forum would be about people helping each other out with friendly advice and information.

I’ve had my say, I don’t wish for to drag out into a full on argument. I would appreciate it if you refrain from replying to or commenting on any posts that I may make in the future.

No I’m just a user and forum moderator with no connection to the company.
However, with regards to this topic “adding on the fly” I am doing nothing more then repeating what has been published on this forum numerous times by others, including @tut.

Until alternate information comes to hand - I will continue to advise any user (new or old) with the exact same response.

Can I recommend that in the future you search the forum first so that you are fully inform about past discussions before putting up suggestions. Below is a November 2013 post

PS I will be editing your more offense tone as that is unacceptable on this forum

I think the feature you are requesting / asking for is good feature. The procedure of having to open another tab so that you can add an item missing before you capture it may be eliminated by adding that feature.

Anyway thumbs up to the programmers who are providing this software free of charge.

Actually, I found a need for this feature when I was adding inventory items to a suppliers purchase order. The problem was the item was not in my inventory, so I had to save and close the order, then revert back to inventory and add the item, save and close then go back to the purchase order to continue with the order. Surely a simple addition of code could be included for example:

enter inventory code
if not found
sqwark "record not found, do you want to add this code item?"
if yes
select database
append new record

Obviously this is not the correct language code for the program but it demonstrates the simplicity to overcome the problem. My thoughts only.

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To make this very clear as it is obliviously not being understood.
Manager has three editions - Desktop, Cloud & Server.
One of the feature differences between these editions is that Desktop does NOT have add on the fly capabilities whereas the Cloud & Server DO HAVE add on the fly.

Therefore if you require add on the fly, then upgrade to an edition which has it as a standard feature.
Otherwise, accept the limitations of the less featured Desktop edition.

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Also understand that “add on the fly” is not so much a specific feature–there are no buttons to click or different screens that pop up–as a benefit of being able to open two browser windows at the same time. You are actually viewing two instances of the database, if you will. One is entering the main transaction, such as a purchase invoice. The other is looking at a different tab, say Inventory Items, and possibly creating new entries there.

So if you adopt the server or cloud editions, don’t be disappointed when you can’t find the “add on the fly” button.