Adding Customers with outstanding debts to

Hi, I am adding my existing clients to, some of these clients have debts outstanding, how do i record this so it shows in the accounts receivable. When creating them, when i add their existing debt to the available balance it shows as if I owe them and not the other way round

You clearly haven’t read the guides for entering customer opening balances.

Go to: Set starting balances for customers | Manager

Read the following as well:

Enter starting balances | Manager

Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager

Set starting balances for inventory items | Manager

Fix starting balances | Manager

You can finish up by checking this topic:

Customer opening balance - Manager Forum

Thanks, I have another follow up, some of my customers have multiple outlets or branches, do i have to create each individually or is there a way to create one customer with multiple branches

That depends on how you want to invoice this customer and track their debts to you and how the customer want you to invoice them

Well each outlet /branch issues an invoice, but all statements and payments are made at by their head office branch. However the statement has to show the quantity of products taken by each outlet/ branch

Customer statements in Manager do not show details on invoices, only invoice totals and payments

Manager does not handle the situation of a customer with multiple branches very well