Customer opening balance

i am facing problem while creating customer balance i am trying customer receivable but in manager its by default creating customer payable
mean creat Cr but i need debit balance to creat

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You clearly doing something wrong. Please start by reading the Forum’s FAQ/Rules and the Guides. You can also search the forum and create a test business to learn how things work in Manager.

You expect to “receive” payment from your customer therefore it is in an accounts receivable and not payable (when you owe your client money).

This guidelines is difficult. If I follow the guideline then, it hits my profit and loss statement.
so, I want customer starting balance debit also. where the debit balance do not hit profit and loss statement.

I do not understand your issue. The guides at define that a:

Customer in Manager is an entity (person, business, or other organization) with whom you have or plan to have an Accounts receivable relationship.

and at explain that:

Starting balances exist only if you are transferring an existing business to Manager from another accounting system

In accrual accounting the principle is simply that the income is generated when an invoice is issued even if actual payment is not yet received, hence customer accounts payable. Indeed, this affects the profit and loss statement but that is similar for the expenses as well (purchase invoices).

The invoices should be dated before the date of transition to manager.

You can create an account “Opening Balances Adjustments account” in profit or loss for this purpose. You can also post the corresponding entries to the Retained Earnings account (my preferred method).

The assumption here is that the Start date for the new system is 2023-01-01

If you do everything right and use the retained earnings account as the place of adjustments for your opening balances, you will get everything balanced and your starting retained earnings correct.

I can demonstrate this if you give me test financial data.

You have to set the dates on the Summary correctly as well
What about this guide? I am searching “Fix starting Balance”, But not found in the software.

You have not shown any screens with relevant data, so it is impossible to understand what you think is wrong from your description and assertions

in the guide.

in the software now:

There is no fixed starting Balances in the lates version.

Dear, You got my issue?