Adding ( Bank and Cash ) to heading of Payment and Receipt Vouchers

is it possible to add word Bank and Cash to the heading of Payment and Receipt Voucher to be as follow

in bank tab payment and receipt voucher should be
Bank Payment (Voucher)
Bank Receipt ( Voucher)

in Cash tab payment and receipt voucher should be
Cash Payment (Voucher)
Cash Receipt (Voucher)

just to make it easy to identify the document type without going back the system

thanks in advance

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Yeah, it makes sense to differentiate payments and receipts considering they are under different tabs.

Fixed in the latest version (18.1.84).

it would look better if the headings capitalize first letter of every word.
Bank Receipt and Bank Payment would look more formal than Bank receipt and Bank payment respectively.

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I just noticed all document headings are actually capitalized so for consistency this is now fixed in the latest version (18.1.85).

And Journal Entry instead of Journal entry when you get a chance.

thank you.

thanks a lot.

Hey buddy, can you add the option to display the bank/cash account (especially bank) used for payment or receipt on the print out? That way you wouldn’t need to go back into the system to find out which of the bank or cash account the transaction is linked to.