Added ability to track whether email sent from Manager has been viewed

What web-browser are you using for this? Print to PDF does not rely on server, it’s web-browser issue. And if server requires reboot, that makes even less sense because server has no idea you are even printing to PDF.

I agree. It doesn’t look good even though those vulnerabilities were not exploitable. I’ve upgraded jQuery to the latest version. Now the site gets the green tick for security test.

OK, let’s try this.

In the latest version (21.8.34) you can set Format to Inline under Email Settings.


This will send the document within HTML body of email. I’ve tested a few email clients. It’s not perfect but it should be getting better over time as email clients improve and also there are some improvements which can be done on Manager side as well.

I read here in horror that the manager wants to take a big step back in his development!
PDF functionality was one of the biggest reasons why the manager was once chosen from others of its kind.

Accountant time is money! Can you imagine how much more time it will take to start generating pdf invoices separately, save them to the computer and then send them to customers with an external mail client? If there are not one or two such bills but, for example, 50, 100? Impossible!

Well, you say that it is an option to send an invoice link to the customer and they can save it from html to his computer as a pdf … Unfortunately, there are plenty of customers who request an invoice as a pdf to their mailbox. We have already encountered this.

Also, for many customers, invoices go directly to another accounting system, where only pdf, image or xml are accepted.

The goal of the accounting program is not to be as small as possible, but to make the work of an accountant as easy as possible!

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We have not updated to this manager version and feature but before doing so would like to know should some customers receive say 30 plus invoices in one shot each month……

  1. Does this feature mean they (the recipient) will need to click the view button for each received email before they can process the invoice?
  2. Will there be a batch feature to send multiple invoices to a customer in one hit?

MacOS Catalina: ll three same issue: Firefox v91.0, Safari v14.1.2 and Chrome v92.0.4515.131.


That still wouldn’t explain how your server could crash by pressing Print button in your web-browser. Print button is basically window.print(). The server doesn’t know the button is even pressed.

Let me illustrate with a screenshot. The Manager View shows correctly but as soon as clicking the print button (see screenshot) the spinner keeps spinning for more than an hour (then I stopped looking at it). I lso have to reboot the remote Manager Server as it is stuck also. As advised please try same on your own system with a large GL transaction report.

This is clearly going to effect your cloud product but for everyone else these requirements are largely irrelevant. Is there another way to address your server farm requirements such as shared program memory.

For almost all other business, putting their accounting system on a computer or server with more than 2GB is an assumed requirement.

I can reproduce this issue however at no point during Preparing Preview is web-browser making any requests to server so I can’t see how this could be causing server to crash. Also, I can’t reproduce this crash at my end. But if it’s really happening I’m really keen to find out why.

As for why Preparing Preview never completes, this is web-browser issue. I believe this would be a bug in web-browser where Preparing Preview takes forever. It’s likely crashed but no error message is given.

There are many solutions. However because Manager is meant to work across all paradigms - desktop, cloud and server. Every feature that Manager has must be self-contained. I can’t cheat with queues and workers to offload some of the tasks. And I don’t want to. The basic principle is that Manager Cloud must be running unmodified ManagerServer binary.

This is the principle Atlassian didn’t follow. They used to have cloud and server editions which were identical. Then over the time they were doing things differently for cloud customers and server customers. Until the software running in the cloud was so different from the server edition - they became two separate products.

If this happens to a company, it’s only matter of time when they simply kill the less successful branch which is exactly what they are doing now - they are killing server edition.

Anyway, for now, I have decided not to remove PDF support from emails just yet. It can be there for those who find it working fine but it will be unsupported feature.

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Happy to note you replicated the issue and the point that this is a web-browser issue does not resolve the issue that you can not print to PDF and need the PDF generator to email and create PDFs in such circumstances. I am very happyt that this results in at least keeping the PDF support to emails (and of course reports, etc as this is where problems arise when printing to PDF.

You’re right the server continues to function without reboot. Sorry.

So does this also work on desktop version or only on online system.

If working on desktop how do you get it working as yiu make it link the url is that is local host and the it wil not work on desktop

Read the first post in this topic. Also, read the Guide: Track whether emailed attachments have been viewed | Manager.

Please do not ever introduce this to the desktop edition. My clients prefer to receive emails with a pdf attachment. Thanks.


@clive, you also need to read the first post and the Guide.

I have read the first post - why are you asking me to read it again? My understanding of the first post is that there is now a new View button in the Server and Cloud versions. Thankfully it is not yet in the Desktop version - hence my plea to NOT having this implemented in the desktop version as it is something that is definitely not required.
What did I miss?

You missed the developer’s statement that the feature cannot work on the desktop edition for technical reasons. The Guide I referred you to explains the same thing in more detail.

No, I did not miss it, which is why I said “Thankfully it is not yet in the Desktop version”. Hopefully it never will be.