Add locations to Fixed Assets

@lubos I am requesting for the extension of locations to Fixed Asset Management. In Manager, you have a report which shows Inventory Quantity by Location. This report helps a lot to find the location of items.

in the working environment, some fixed asset or company property moves from one location/office/department/unit/branch/site/city etc to another. In my organisation, we have a special form we fill to authorise the movement of items classified as fixed asset.

So I’m requesting for the ability to keep a fixed asset in a location and change the location accordingly if it is moved to another location. This means an extra report will be added under fixed assets Fixed Assets by Location


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While waiting for this extension, which may or may never arrive, you could create a custom field for Fixed Assets and use it to keep track of their location.

For a report, you could export the Fixed Asset list to Excel and use Excel to sort, extract and report on the fixed asset as required.

Yeah I’m very much aware of the custom field option. But this request would be better. Custom field don’t generate instant reports, you have to work on it first