Add line number when viewing transactions

Hi Team,
i want to show serial No before description it is possible to show before description.


I know this can be shown using custom themes but I think this should be generic feature. For transactions, with many line items, it will be easier to refer to line number 15 or line number 20 when discussing specific transaction.

Added to ideas.


In the latest version (22.7.24), there is now new checkbox named Column - Line number on invoices, quotes and orders.


This will reveal line number column on Edit screen.


And also on View screen.



Thank you @Lubos is a welcome development. I am not sure if it would be possible to reduce the column width by a bit?

also need it in the Payment Voucher.
and it will be great if you give an option to hide the Item Column.

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Thank you @lubos , I hope to see this implemented in reports as well espesially Customer\Supplier Statements

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Thank you very much!
Can it work also when we choose Legacy layout?
because it doesn’t

Thank you!

That feature was not part of the legacy layout. And legacy layout is a temporary feature anyway.

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Please add this line number all remaining heads like Delivery note payments statements etc.
Because its too much necessary in all heads .
awaiting Positive feedback

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The latest version (22.7.30) adds line numbers to the following documents

  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Delivery Notes
  • Goods Receipts
  • Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes

bundle of thanks for this awesome addition .
please Also Add in Customer Statements and Supplier Statement
it will be very beneficial


Line numbers belong to individual transaction line items. Lines on statements are transaction form totals.

Hi Team,
Many thanks for great support with add line features i always highly appreciated @lubos @Tut @eko for helping and supporting. Love the team of manager best and great support ever.

in this way we can count total transaction of payment

same like
delivery note
sale invoice
sale order

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