Account code option on payment module

Thank you for the feature.
Is it possible to put this feature on Payment module for Account Code?

Please provide an example of what you mean. And how does this relate to numbers for line items?

On another topic, I have a question that is it possible to show Account Code on Payment module for internal puspose only? I have been suggested to try build a custom theme, but not success yet.
And on the latest version we find a feature on sales invoice module that on/off numbering both display and print. I think this feature could be put on payment module that on/off Account Code for internal purpose only.

@Sir_Huny, I moved your post to a new topic. As I suspected, it is completely unrelated to line numbers on transaction forms.

We still await your example.

Account codes show by default. So they can be shown for internal purposes.

If you print payment transaction for external party, then you can check Column - Description checkbox and enter what you want external party to see (instead of your account name/code).

Thanks @lubos .
But why when we uncheckbox Column - Description then we run General Ledger Transaction, there is no Description even we have filled it on the first entry. I think we do need Description on General Ledger.

Because unchecking the box for the line description removes it wherever that record is displayed, just as though you had never entered it. So for a payment in the General Ledger Transactions report, you get only the transaction date, reference, and payee.

Thanks @Tut for explanation. Clear.
But is it possible to add feature checkbox to show on printing both, description and account code?
I mean just like Journal Entries, both description and account code is shown.

This happens only if Column - description is checked and content is entered. Journal entries and payments work exactly the same way.