Recommendation to add a price column on invoice transaction pages

I need to add a column after balance or before it called price. It show total amount of price of a single item on invoice like picture.

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You would only be able to do this using a custom field.

Look in Settings (bottom tab on the left):

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While it is possible to create a custom field and show it as a column, it is not possible to show the price at which the inventory item was billed in the sales invoice.

The screen you are showing is a drill-down report on the Quantity column of the Inventory Items listing. Its purpose is not to show sales prices, but quantities in transactions that produce the quantity figure you are drilling down on.

But I agree it would be useful to also see the purchase or sales prices of items from individual transactions. This information is not available elsewhere in the program without looking into specific transactions. So I will put this topic into the Ideas category.


Thank you for understanding if it possible it save lot of my time.