Add Inactive Status in Copy to Clipboard

Hi, can we have the Inactive Status be added as a column when we do copy to clipboard?

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Copying to the clipboard only copies visible columns in a list. Inactive status is never displayed as a column; it cannot be selected in the Edit Columns feature. Therefore, it cannot be copied.

Understood. which is why I am requesting that this be added.

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If it is too much to add inactive as a column, can we have the options to copy only ACTIVE items to the clipboard instead of all of them?

I use this copy option to get a list of inventory items in a way that I do not seem to be able to get from one of the available reports. the list becomes overly large when inactive items are included and it takes some time to remove them all by hand. Leaving them off entirely when I copy would be a great help!

@lubos , hope this get’s into consideration to be added in the program.