Add "footers" in inventory write-offs menu


I want to wirte-off goods to be used as a charity. But we need to add officer column to put name and his sign on the paper.
PIC A is printing this paper, then “the manager officer” sign as approval.
Then “the stock officer” sign the paper then take out the goods.

Usually, I used “footers” for this kind of issue in another menu.

Since it is happening in “Inventory Write-offs” menu, so I am requesting adding “footers” in this menu.


Footers are not appropriate for this purpose. You should use custom fields.

Footers are for standardized information that does not usually change from transaction to transaction, such as payment terms on a sales invoice or warranty provisions on a sales quote. You define them once and use them again and again. So the warranty provisions could also be used on an eventual sales invoice and delivery note if the customer purchases what has been quoted.

Custom fields are expected to change from transaction to transaction. For example, every inventory write-off might require approval. But the warehouse manager might be the correct authority for quarterly inventory verifications, while the president’s approval might be required for charitable write-offs.

I agree with @Tut that you can use custom fields for this, e.g. like:

Ok. Thank you for the explanation. @Tut @Mark