Add Voucher On Writeoff Transaction

Can you add voucher to every write off from inventory that we make? It’d be very helpful to document the write off.

You mean, you need to be able to “view” inventory write-off transaction so it can be printed, right?

yes i believe so @Lubos

Yes @lubos that what i mean. Thanks

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Is this feature now available. We need to print our write-offs and store it for audit purpose.

have you read this guide Manager Cloud ?

it says,

Thanks Sharp. I did read this. but was still checking if this feature is planned. Coz this is a requirement for our accounting and audit purpose to print and sign off all the inventory wastage.

We need to account for our Input Bill of Material - Output Inventory = Wastage.
As of we are capturing Wastage thru Inventory WriteOff but not able to Print It.
Therefore now we have created a Work around where we have created an Imaginary Location called as Scrap Location. We do an Inventory Transfer to record the Wastage and then from Inventory Location do a Write Off.

The point of the write-off is to make Manager match your other documentation, such as physical count sheets. It is the other documentation that would normally be audited to verify what is Manager, not the reverse. Auditing the Manager entry is not an independent verification.

@Tut I strongly believe the Write-Off should be printable, The Write-Off tool is not only for adjusting inventory after physical count. The tool is also used to issue inventory. In my company for example, I use it to issue office stationery, spare parts and other inventoried office supplies.
If the Write-Off voucher were to be view-able and therefore printable, I would use custom fields and customisation to create an Inventory Write-Off document on which I (the inventory Keeper) and the recipient and any other authorised signatory to sign on and file. This would require automatic numbering.
Now @lubos if for technical reasons this can’t be implemented into the application that is fine but if it could be implemented there is no reason why it shouldn’t be implemented. Some of us users are in an environment where physical document filing is a serious requirement.

@Abeiku, I was not arguing against write-offs being printable. In my previous post, I was pointing out that comparing a printed version of the transaction to the electronic version of the same thing would not be a valid audit procedure. You need to compare Manager against something else. Otherwise you are only confirming that the program does not generate random transactions.

Whether you want to use Manager as an internal chit generator is another issue.

A printed version could contain the signature of the authorising officer, so would be a very valid audit procedure. Just as a printed Production Order could be signed to confirm that the manufacture has occurred and still not waiting to occur.

The latest version (18.1.65) allows to “view” inventory write-offs. There are still a few things missing such as ability to set custom theme, ability to have reference number auto generated etc.

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I think I misunderstood your point @Tut