Add Customer Name from Bank Statement Upload


It’s been a while since i started using your software & it’s really useful. Thanks for creating such a software.

I wanted to know if i can automatically add customers when i upload the bank statement is there an option to do that?

Can you be more precise in what you are asking - what do you mean by “automatically add customers”

Where do you want to add customers?
How would it be done automatically?

As in when i’m uploading the bank statement, these are the columns included in csv:

  • Date
  • Payee
  • Reference
  • Description
  • Amount

Here Under Payee if we add the customer’s name, will it create new customers or update old one’s account?

Customers cannot be added automatically. Just because you have a receipt on your bank statement does not mean you want the payee in your system as a customer. Additionally, there is other information, such as address, customer code, credit limit (if you use that feature), and business identifier, that you need to enter when defining a customer that is not contained in a bank transaction.

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