Add Account Field on Tranfers Money From Bank and Cash Account

Can Manager add field that we can explain for what we transfer the money, i mean this for tracking the transfer amount in all Asset Account.


  1. We have to transfer money from Bank to Cash
  2. We want to organize that the transfer is for Advance or Prefinance from spesific in Asset Account, just like for employee receivable

or anyone can help me to explain this.

In accounting “transfers” are contra entries between “cash and bank accounts” . the moments you transfer from a cash/bank account into another account not included in the cash/bank control accounts it no longer a transfer, it either a payment or an advance for payment. So the appropriate method for transfers is to use “Spend Money” to move funds from Cash/Bank into other account.

@Abeiku is correct. Bit if you want to record the reason you transferred money from one account to another for some reason, use the Description field on the transfer screen.