Add a Supplier Account Number Field

First of all a big THANK YOU for this great program.
I would like to know if it is possible to have added an ‘Account No.’ field to Suppliers.
Some of my suppliers require it on Purchase Orders. I have too many to remember off the top of my head and it would be great to include it in the supplier details and on Purchase Orders like the attached image.


Create a custom field for Suppliers under Settings. Check the box to show it on printed documents. By default, it will be at the end, but you could change that with a custom theme.

Thanks Tut. I had the custom field worked out but didn’t see it on the actual Purchase Order…should learn to scroll :rolling_eyes:
As far as the custom theme…It’s beyond me at the moment, but I might try and learn.

You might start here: Liquid template language

@VACUUMDOG lots of handy tips here. [16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc - #107 by Tut
Have a read through this topic.