Add a note for Payment Details to Invoice

Sorry but previous similar question just tells me to read a guide that is not clear. please tell me how to add a note to an invoice that tells people how to pay. I have done it before but cannot see how I did it

Add a footer. See Add static information to transaction forms with footers | Manager

@Buettel2, you can also use a custom field if the instructions will change from invoice to invoice.

Thanks eko but mayby I am thick but it does not work

The instructions would not change from invoice to invoice but I cannot get it to work. I tried footer and that did not work either.

Then you didn’t follow instructions in the Guide correctly. Post screenshots of the Edit screen for your footer or custom field, whichever you used. Then post a screenshot of the Edit screen of an invoice where it is not appearing as you expect.

I also note your original post didn’t mention you were having trouble. You only asked how. Now, “it doesn’t work” is not helpful for troubleshooting.

Thanks for indulging me Sorry I am having trouble. I did this on another Business a few years ago and cannot seem to do it again

@Buettel2, you omitted the most crucial thing I asked for, the Edit screen of the sales invoice. I suspect you did not place the footer on your invoice, but cannot tell unless you provide that screen shot.

Also, I deleted your link to a PDF of an invoice. PDFs represent security risks to other forum members. You should only post screen shots.

Lastly, the information you have in your Notes field on the invoice #202305 looks like a custom field from your old setup. And you did not do “this on another Business a few years ago.” Footers were only added recently. A few years ago, you only had the option of custom fields. We would be able to see that if you provided the Edit screen of the invoice.

All fixed thank you very much. I had not inserted the footer.

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