Accumulated sick and vacation hours

First of all, I want to congratulate the creator (I believe you sir are in Australia) who developed this excellent accounting software. What a piece of art. Simple, not flashy with useless features and to the point. Way easier than Quickbooks Online. The latter just has more marketing $$ and noise and that is why they have the market.

I have searched the forum and the guide but I did not find an answer.

Employees accumulated sick hours and vacation question. How can I add accumulated sick and vacation hours so that when an employee uses them they are subtracted. For example, 80 hours vacation pay and when they go on vacation and use 40 hours they have 40 hours left. On the printed paystup it reads 40 hours remaining. Same for sick days. 3 days sick days. They used 1, then they have 2 left.

I checked payslip contributions and payslip earnings items (I have sick and vacation pay here). But I would like the employee and I to keep track within Manager the number of hours/days left and used for vacation.


Hi @taxmanager,

Glad you feel that way.

That’s not possible.

There are no plans to implement any more HR features in the near term.

Relatively simple to accomplish and manage as long as you do not have big staff numbers. Just add some custom fields to the “Payslip” form and you will be able to update any variation to sick or leave entitlements each time a Payslip is generated.

and when viewed or printed it may look like this.

Staff have been happy with this arrangement and admin seem to cope OK.

To be clear, @compuit has described a way to display information, not calculate or monitor it.

Thanks Ealfardan, @compuit and @Tut for replying to my post. compuit, right on buddy! Thanks for providing a solution. Yes, as Tut has highlighted, it is to display info only and not for calculating the remaining balance. But that works for now as it displays the information needed.