Leave days on payslip

Hi. How do I go about recording leave days for employees and how do I show these details on the payslip for the employee?

I don’t think this feature is there but it would be great to be able to calculate that as has field that you set to leave due per month 1.25 and auto calculate on payslip. The admin can then remove as the employee takes leave days and give some print out.

Yeah, leave entitlements are not yet supported. It will be added in a few weeks though.


Has the leave days calculation feature been activated? If so kindly assist in directing me to that feature.

No, this feature is not available yet.

@lubos any update on this feature?

Any progress @lubos for leave entitlements and YTD totals on the payslips? We are currently using other software just to keep track of 1 permanent employee’s entitlements then transferring the info to Manager to keep all the payroll info together for BAS etc. Our other employees are casual or subcontractors. Would like to do away with the other software altogether.

Currently, still in the pipeline

Hi, not sure where to look for road map on when features being added but can anyone shed any light on if the leave accrual ,YTD suggestions for payslips are still being considered ?, as well as STP reporting or a payroll module for Manager being considered?. Thanks

This topic seems the closest to what I was asking about but has been inactive for sometime…

There is no roadmap.

Ideas under consideration are in the Ideas category of the forum.

Payroll is via the Payslips tab.

Have at look at these topics:
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Hi Patch

Thanks for reply. I hadn’t seen either of these. Most helpful.