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I only recently installed the desktop version of Manager.
I have a many transactions in the suspense folder. When checking the guides it states that changing Accounting Method to Accrual will fix this. I cannot change it to Accrual as the Accrual/ Cash Select tab is missing. I Go to Summary page select edit but there is no Accrual / Cash selection tab. It was not there when setting up the account.

You need to enter at least one sales or purchase invoice. Then the option will be available. You can delete or undo the transaction after you have made your selection.

Thanks but I have entered a sales and purchase invoice but still no accrual choice. We are a social golf club and do not have the full suite of accounts open. What else could be wrong.

  1. Please show a screenshot of the Summary Edit Screen.

  2. Also click on the blue number next to Suspense and click on edit of one the accounts that ended up being in suspense and show a full screenshot including top and bottom of the edit screen. You can anonymize with an image editor that what needs anonymizing.

In my initial response, I addressed only the step necessary before the selection menu for accrual/cash basis accounting became available. I don’t know where in the Guides you think you saw anything that said changing accounting methods would remove transactions from the Suspense account. That won’t actually have any effect.

Transactions are posted to Suspense because they are incorrect or incomplete. See this Guide: Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager. It sounds like you are making systematic errors when entering transactions.

Literally dozens of things. Have you read the Guides relevant to every transaction type you use?


Thank you for your assistance, I am new to this program and finally worked out what was missing in my transaction entries that was entering them in the Suspense account.

As to the accrual selection box, it is still not there, but is not causing any problems. It appears to be working in accrual mode anyway.

The print screen attached does not show date 1/5/2022 and all the boxes are ticked.


@Stormer, your link to a PDF file was removed because it represents a security risk to other users. Please upload your examples directly to your forum posts using the icon above the composing pane:Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 5.41.30 PM

For the benefit of others, please share what the issue was.

Do a screenshot and save it as a jpeg or other image file, NOT a pdf then

The screen will then be visible to all forum users without downloading a possibly malicious file from another foreign web server.

Please note that you know that you are in Accrual mode because your Summary Edit screen allows you to enable to show balances on cash basis, see annotated screenshot of your PDF below :slight_smile: